Each one of our cheetahs lives in a natural enclosure of approximately 500 square metres. Due to observation purposes all compounds are adjacent to the residential building and can be entered through a central passageway. Additionally, our animals have access to a large preserve of about 50.000 square metres, in which they can hunt and play every day.


©Photo: Marion Vollborn

Their freedom of movement is the requirement for an optimal metabolism - as well as their physical strength and general fitness. 

©Photo: Marion Vollborn

© Fotos: Dr. Manfred Heidenreich

Freshly slaughtered goats are the basic food of our cheetahs. This alimentation most closely resembles to their natural prey. Furthermore, our cheetahs get to eat their own prey - like wild rabbit and hare.


©Photos: Marion Vollborn

© Foto: Dr. Manfred Heidenreich

For the duration of their growing and thereby to garantee a sufficient supply of minerals, only our cups receive also chicks, of which the bones can be eaten as well.

It is important to us that our cheetahs receive  the complete biological entity of the animal bodies. That means all valuable components, like muscles, bones but also the inner organs.

Additional supplements of vitamines and minerals are thus not required.

All our cheetahs are absolutely tame. They accept the leash like any dog, do obey  a whistle and like to go for a ride in a car. That is why they tolerate any manipulation just like physical examination or medical treatments without tranquilizers. Due to their complete trust in human beings our cheetahs live absolutely free of anxiety or stress.