© Photo Paul Hanna, Reuters

Dr. Manfred and Christa Heidenreich with Bunjee (12 Weeks)


Cheetah´s Rock lies embedded in the valley of the mountains of Toledo in central Spain on the Finca „El Alboroque“. Its continental climate with mild springs and falls as well as a very hot  summer and  short winters gives these elegant cats an almost comparable climatical condition to their native countries.

Cheetah´s Rock is a governmentally registered but exclusively private institution. This scientific center is conducted by a veterinarian management which is working on the behavior and of course the reproduction of this endangered species. Therefore adequate keeping conditions, appropriate feeding, and over all the mental health of our cheetahs are the key requirements to reach our aims.

For this reason – contrary to nearly all the other cheetah keepers – we are exclusively working with absolutely tame cheetahs.